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Persona Style: Circle 

Persona Color: Purple

Persona Measurements:

Lense Height: 53mm

Lense Width: 53mm

Nose Bridge: 25mm

I Look Best On *subject to change: Square and oval face shapes

A look into my persona: I am super cool and all about peace and love. No matter where I live I wish I was laying at Venice beach enjoying all the healthy food and hipster vibes. Fun fact about me according to Urban dictionary my name means "A damn interesting person who others admire because of their lifestyle, interests, hobbies, or ability to squeeze the juice out of life. DIPster comes from the acronym, DIP for Damn Interesting Person with the suffix -ster used to form the noun associated with the group of damn interesting people and counters the meaning of dip, or stupid." That pretty much sums me up!

UV: 400


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I'm a Dipster Dude!

Dipster is a very low high key pair of glasses that highlights your facial features very well. My favorite pair!!! Yep I'm a hipster dude!!!